Fiona and Colin check out the new Heckscher Playground in Bushwick, Brooklyn 14 July 2017 - Fiona and Colin ring in the new year by checking out the new equipment on their favorite playground.
Colin’s first haircut 14 July 2017 - Colin was born with a mop of hair, and by the time he was over 8½ months old it was time to give it a trim.
Fiona makes a PB&J sandwich 22 May 2017 - Who knew making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich could be so laborious? But for an almost-four-year-old, it's a pretty big accomplishment.
Fiona discovers tetherball 8 August 2014 - On a train trip, Fiona discovers the curious sport of tetherball.
Colin plays with Beatrice the Butterfly 7 August 2014 - Colin sits in his Bumbo chair and plays with Beatrice the Butterfly Rattle.
Fiona and a friend ring a bell 6 August 2014 - Fiona and a friend find a bell far more fascinating than some water tumbling over a cliff.
Fiona has chewing gum for the first time 6 August 2014 - Fiona tries gum for the first time—and we end up with a record of everyday life and conversation in our family.
Fiona finishes off our wedding M&M’s 3 August 2014 - Susan and Dustin decided it was time to say goodbye to the last few customized M&M's from our wedding—six and a half years ago. And, like any good parents, we decided the best way to get rid of them would be to let our four-year-old eat them. So here Fiona is, eating M&M's that are older than she is.
Colin eats solid food for the first time 24 July 2014 - It's a watershed moment in this baby's life! Watch Colin eat solid food—in this case, homemade green bean baby food—and laugh along with his facial expressions.
Morgantown PRT: A time lapse 20 November 2013 - Morgantown, West Virginia, has one of the most unique rapid-transit systems in the world. On 10 April 2012, Dustin took a trip there to check it out. Here's a taste.
Fiona undoes the laundry 6 October 2013 - One day, Susan caught Fiona pushing our clothes basket across the apartment, removing articles of clothing as she went.
In which Fiona says, “KABOOM!” 5 October 2013 - Fiona was explaining to her Mama and Daddy how a cannon works.
Building implosion on Governors Island 9 June 2013 - New York City's first controlled implosion since 2001 took place this morning. And Dustin was there to view—and film—it all from the deck of the Staten Island Ferry.
Free template for YouTube’s new One Channel design 11 May 2013 - Download a free Adobe Illustrator template for the new YouTube One Channel design. And enjoy an upgraded experience at DialannTV.
Fiona playing her guitar 15 April 2013 - To lift your spirits on this sad day, here's Fiona playing her guitar and singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and the Alphabet Song this afternoon.
South Mecklenburg High School Class of 2000 Commencement 7 April 2013 - Nearly 13 years after we graduated, a gift of sorts to fellow members of the South Mecklenburg High School Class of 2000: a digitized version of the video of our commencement. Now the complete, unedited video is available for all of us to share—and the entire world to see.
From All the World 4 February 2013 - We had a cultural night at church on Saturday, 2 February 2013, and the missionaries asked me to prepare this slide-show presentation to accompany the song they used to open the activity.