Trend parenting for Latter-day Saints

In our world where people are confused, how are Latter-day Saint parents to go about raising their children? Fortunately, the Lord has given us direction through the scriptures and prophets and apostles, and it all begins with having the courage to share our testimonies with our children.

A talk Dustin gave in church on Mother’s Day, Sunday, 12 May 2013—with audio! Continue reading Trend parenting for Latter-day Saints

American prophet

Who was Joseph Smith, really? This is the basic question Richard Lyman Bushman attempts to answer in Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling, a “cultural biography” of the first president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The answer Mr. Bushman—a member of the Church* and an emeritus professor of history at Columbia University here in New York—gives is, in many respects, rather simple. … Continue reading American prophet