Issue 6 | April 2012

front cover | Issue 6, April 2012

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OPENING THOUGHTS » A first and fourth anniversary
By Susan | After four years of marriage, we have learned that what we have in common—which is a lot—is not nearly so important as the love we share.

HERE & THERE » October 2011–March 2012

Tweeting general conference, round 2
By Dustin | The 182nd Annual General Conference, 140 characters at a time.

FOCUS ON FIONA » Fiona goes to Iceland
By Fiona | Fiona, with passport in hand, takes her first trip abroad.

FIONA UPDATE » A portrait of the artist as a little baby
By Susan | Fiona talks a lot, tries on clothes, and is given to melodrama. So she’s basically a teenager in a toddler’s body.

OUR TIMES » The color of money
America is redesigning its paper currency. Here’s what it looks like today.

OUR VIEW » Of course D.C. deserves voting representation
Susan and Dustin on why—and how—voting representation for D.C. should be achieved.

WE BELIEVE IN CHRIST » The time is always right for repentance
By Dustin | The door to repentance and progression is never closed.

CLOSING THOUGHTS » I ♥ NY—but Susan & I make better pizza
By Dustin | New York is a great town—but our family makes better pizza.

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