Free template for YouTube’s new One Channel design

DialannTV's upgraded look using YouTube's new One Channel design.
DialannTV’s upgraded look using YouTube’s new One Channel design.

DialannTV, our home on YouTube, has just been upgraded to YouTube’s new One Channel design. While we like the fresh approach to YouTube’s channel design, it’s not without its problems. And one of the biggest issues is that the “template” users can download to create art for the new design isn’t a real template at all. Instead, it’s a PNG image that doesn’t even have all the necessary measurements. For example, how far from the top-left corner is the “text/logo safe area”?

Well, look no further. We have created a template for Adobe Illustrator that you can download for free. The template has everything already calculated, measured, and set up for you, with guides to help you place your artwork just where it should be for each type of device. And the specifications layer will remain hidden when you export your art to JPEG or PNG for uploading to your YouTube channel.

Download a free Adobe Illustrator template to create art for the new YouTube One Channel design. When the new tab/window opens, to download file, click the down arrow on the left end of the toolbar, select “Download” from the file menu, or press Ctrl+S.

In the meantime, enjoy your upgraded experience at DialannTV on YouTube.

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