From All the World

We had a cultural night at church on Saturday, 2 February 2013, and the missionaries asked me to prepare this slide-show presentation to accompany the song they used to open the activity.

This was a surprisingly laborious and intimidating project. It’s tough to put yourself and your talents—or efforts at developing talents—in front of your fellow Church members. My resources for this project were limited, but I hope that those at Saturday’s activity felt at least somewhat inspired by what I put together to welcome Church members and friends to our cultural night.

Did you know that our family has a YouTube channel? On DialannTV you can watch a few of the (very amateur) videos our family has put together, as well as subscribe to receive an alert every time we upload a new video. Over the coming years we plan to create even more videos, so you can watch our family grow up—and hopefully see our moviemaking skills improve.

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