The Sabres’ Blade, 1996–2000

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1 JUNE 2020

For the South Mecklenburg High School Class of 2000
on the 20th anniversary of our high school graduation

The Sabres’ Blade was our student newspaper. There were 23 issues published during our time at South Meck — 6 each in our freshman, sophomore, and junior years, and 5 our senior year — and I still have the complete collection. I have digitized it and I am sharing it here with you.

I learned a few years ago that there no longer is a newspaper journalism course at South. Unsurprising, I suppose. But I, for one, am grateful for this record of not only our time together in high school but also for the brief glimpse it provides into the time and world we lived in.

What a time and world it was, and I’m grateful I shared it with you.


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