In every issue

The Journal » Susan | Dustin | Fiona | Colin › An article from each member of our family, where we record events and memories of personal and family significance.

Milestones and Here & There » A roundup of some of the events that shaped our world and our lives over the past half a year. These departments trade off each issue, so each one is published every six months. Milestones presents life and world events in calendar format, with brief descriptions occasionally accompanying items. Here & There focuses only on world events and presents items on a spread with photos and brief text.

Our Times » A feature article on a significant world event that occurred in the previous three months. The event selected for these articles is often what we consider the most important event to occur in that quarter, such as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March 2011; in other instances we choose to remember an event that, though significant, may not be the most important event that occurred, but is one we would like to remember, such as the rescue of 33 Chilean miners in October 2010.

We Believe in Christ » Every issue of Dialann contains at least one feature article expressing our testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and his restored gospel. Talks we give in sacrament meeting at church often provide the content.

Occasional features

Our View » Our take on a significant social or political issue.

Book Report » In our family, we think reading is important, so from time to time we write a feature article on a book we’ve read recently. As parents, we want to set a good example. Since our children may some day have to do a book report for school, we want them to see that we do book reports, too.

Gastronomy » One of our favorite recipes, guaranteed to be delicious. (And Dustin has always liked the word “gastronomy” since he first learned it.)


Opening Thoughts and Closing Thoughts » In the first six issues of Dialann, Susan and Dustin traded off writing the first and last articles in the magazine. These were replaced by The Journal in Issue 7 | July 2012.

Focus on Fiona » Fiona’s feature article in each issue was incorporated into The Journal when it was introduced with Issue 7 | July 2012.

Fiona Update » For some time after Fiona was born, Susan would send updates on her to our family, which we included in the next issue of Dialann.

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