Issue 11 | July 2013

front cover | Issue 10, July 2013

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THE JOURNAL | DUSTIN » Seeming rather than being
Higher ed’s deficiencies are leaving students empty-handed and the nation shortchanged. Part 2 of 2

THE JOURNAL | FIONA » Learning to swim
Playing in the water is fun, but it’s even more fun when I know what I’m doing.

MILESTONES » January–June 2013

A VISIT TO » The Statue of Liberty
Susan and Dustin’s visit to the Statue of Liberty­—and all the way to her crown—was a bucket-list moment: something Dustin had waited his whole life to do.

STORIES » Folly & foolishness
By Susan | A (mostly) true story from one day in the life of the Hibdon family.

OUR TIMES » Terrorism strikes again in America
By Dustin | Two bombs explode at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three, injuring more than 260, and reintroducing America to terrorism at home.

WE BELIEVE IN CHRIST » Trend parenting for Latter-day Saints
By Dustin | How should Latter-day Saints raise our children? It starts with having the courage to share our testimonies with them.

LAST LOOK » A special delivery
A special delivery congratulates us on our special delivery.

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