Issue 14 | April 2014

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THE JOURNAL | SUSAN » ‘Lift up the hands that hang down’
In a church talk, Susan teaches that all of us can share the pure love of Christ—and we all need to feel it from others.

THE JOURNAL | DUSTIN » Finding our first home
We found apartment 931 by chance. We made it—that wonderful little apartment—our home by choice.

THE JOURNAL | FIONA » The toddler that travels
Fiona imparts wisdom she’s gained on travels with Mama and Daddy.
+ Valentine’s Day love notes from Mama

THE JOURNAL | COLIN » Colin goes ‘hoteling’ for the first time
A first train ride takes Colin to his first night away from home.
+ Colin’s baby blessing

Remembering Revelee
At a springtime memorial service in Oregon, the Hibdons remembered their mother, grandmother, aunt, and matriarch in the way only the Hibdons could.
(An edited version of this piece appeared in the print version of the magazine.)

Mama Lee kills the neighbors’ hogs

FROM OUR ARCHIVES » Receiving the call
By Dustin | A journal entry from the month Dustin received his mission call reveals the mixed emotions of that day—and the Spirit’s confirmation that he was going where the Lord wanted him to go.

WE BELIEVE IN CHRIST » Growing in the gospel
By Dustin | Dustin shares two more of the talks he gave in church as a youth.
President Howard W. Hunter
What a junior home-teaching companion expects of his senior companion

NOTIFICATIONS » January–March 2014
A new quarterly roundup of the tidbits of our lives we share on social media.

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