Issue 16 | October 2014

Issue 16 | October 2014 (front cover)
Fallen autumn leaves on Wilson Avenue near our apartment.

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MILESTONES » June–September 2014

THE JOURNAL › SUSAN » The family that camps together
The Hibdons got together for a week of camping and adventure in the Poconos.
+ Cabin guestbook

THE JOURNAL › DUSTIN » That time I tried out for a game show
I always knew that it was my destiny to win a million dollars on TV. Until it wasn’t.

THE JOURNAL › FIONA » Or, Life in the Woods
After just a week in a cabin, I think I might like life in the woods even more than life in the city.
+ Or, birthday party in the woods
+ Fiona says goodbye to her ‘pacifizer’

THE JOURNAL › COLIN » These are a few of my favorite things
My big sister, rubber duckies, toy trumpets, and nice bottles of milk — so much to love!
+ Instagramming Colin’s first summer

COVER STORY » The High Line
By Dustin | Manhattan, 22 September 2014
The third and final phase of Manhattan’s groundbreaking urban park-in-the-sky finally opens.

A VISIT TO » The Danbury Railway Museum
By Dustin | Our family took a day trip to the end of the Danbury Branch of Metro-North’s New Haven Line — and visited a railway museum, of course.

BOOK REPORT » Can a book about maps really expand a geography junkie’s mind?
By Dustin | Reviewing Simon Garfield’s On the Map: A Mind-expanding Exploration of the Way the World Looks.

WE BELIEVE IN CHRIST » Preparing for a mission
By Dustin | Ten ways young men and women can prepare to devote their lives in service to the Lord as full-time missionaries.

She was a stranger on the subway
By Susan | My experience helping a fellow subway passenger shows that even in a city full of strangers others in need don’t have to suffer all alone.

NOTIFICATIONS » July–September 2014
Notable posts we made on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.