Issue 15 | July 2014

Issue 15 | July 2014 (front cover)
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MILESTONES » April–June 2014

THE JOURNAL › SUSAN » My favorite mission story
All we had to go on was a name, a street, and a postal code. But sometimes you find the needle in the haystack.

THE JOURNAL › DUSTIN » Pour l’amour du français
A dedicated teacher can open up a whole new world.
+ Teacher Ellen Trice Bensley, 49, dies

THE JOURNAL › FIONA » A squirrel named Dinky
A dancing squirrel puppet leaped up in front of Fiona — and right into her heart.
+ Memories with Fiona’s friends (of the stuffed sort)
An early testimony of prayer

THE JOURNAL › COLIN » Seven days in sunny June
I’m used to cozy clothes in cool weather. But warm weather has its benefits, too.
+ Heeeeeeeere’s Colin!

A VISIT TO » The Glass House
By Dustin | New Canaan, Connecticut | Philip Johnson’s own residence, a transparent box in the countryside of southwest Connecticut, is a modernist masterpiece.

COVER STORY » The best summer ever
By Dustin | Ten years ago, Dustin spent a summer studying in a picturesque French city, exploring châteaux, and eating pains au chocolat. But what really made it the best summer ever was an enduring friendship with Lisa, Erin, Honey, and Nena.

By Dustin | A talk Dustin gave in the sacrament meeting of the Charlotte Third Ward, Charlotte North Carolina South Stake, Mother’s Day, Sunday, 11 May 1997.

NOTIFICATIONS » April–June 2014
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