South Mecklenburg High School Class of 2000 Commencement

Nearly 13 years later, a gift of sorts to fellow members of the South Mecklenburg High School Class of 2000. I had the video (did you realize there was one?) of our graduation digitized. Now the complete, unedited video is available for all of us to share—and the entire world to see—on YouTube. The music, the speeches, the pageantry, every walk across the stage to receive our diplomas—it’s all here, so feel free to use the timepoints I’ve included in the video’s description on YouTube to skip to just the parts you want to see.

And, as an added bonus, here’s the program from the commencement ceremony.

Our commencement took place at the old Charlotte Coliseum at 8.30 on Thursday, 1 June 2000. The coliseum was demolished on 3 June 2007, almost seven years to the day after our graduation there.

Four of the most memorable years of our lives culminated in these two sometimes dry, sometimes boring, sometimes corny hours. But we earned them, so I think they’re worth remembering.

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