Issue 4 | October 2011

front cover | Issue 4, October 2011

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OPENING THOUGHTS » Greetings from New York
By Susan | How we got to our new home.

HERE & THERE » April–September 2011

TRAVELOG » Life—especially at age 1—should be a beach
By Susan | Virginia Beach, 15–16 July 2011

5.8 earthquake rocks D.C. and our home
By Dustin | We were all surprised when the ground shook on 23 August 2011.

Taking the Coca-Cola Freestyle for a spin
By Dustin | Giving this newfangled marvel of 21st-century engineering a try.

FOCUS ON FIONA » Going round, getting merry
By Fiona | Fiona reviews three of New York City’s carousels.

Where we were: Dustin | Susan
Ten years later: New York remembers

OUR TIMES » End of an era
When Atlantis landed on 21 July, America’s space-shuttle program drew to a close.

WE BELIEVE IN CHRIST » To always remember Him
By Dustin | Remembering the Savior means upholding our covenants with him.

CLOSING THOUGHTS » The top 10 things I miss about Washington, D.C.
By Dustin | I’m grateful to be in New York, but part of my heart will always be in D.C.

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