Issue 3 | July 2011

front cover | Issue 3, July 2011

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OPENING THOUGHTS » The roller coaster of life
By Dustin | Life over the past three months has been full of ups and downs.

MILESTONES » January–June 2011

Dustin | Development Initiatives, Inc.

A VISIT TO » The Louisiana State Capitol
By Dustin | The home of Louisiana’s governor and legislature is one of the best examples of art deco in the world.

The growth and development of new parents
Dustin was interviewed for a piece in Washington Parent, June 2011.

FOCUS ON FIONA » Splish, splash, I love takin’ a bath
By Fiona | Fiona loves water in all its forms.

10 May | Fiona continues to be amazing
19 May | And there are teeth!
27 June | Fiona discovers her love for water

OUR TIMES » United States kills Osama bin Laden
A transcript of President Barack Obama’s announcement that military special forces had killed the world’s most-wanted man.

WE BELIEVE IN CHRIST » The house of the Lord is our home, too
By Dustin | The temple is our guide and a model of the home we should try to build.

CLOSING THOUGHTS » Farewell, Katie Dawn Joyce
circa 15 March 1995–22 April 2011

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