Issue 8 | October 2012

front cover | Issue 8, October 2012

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THE JOURNAL | SUSAN » Fiona turns two
And, as usual, we go to the beach. But this time it was on the Google Wallet Express.

THE JOURNAL | DUSTIN » Of junk & memories
Sorting through my stuff has been a great source of memories—and trash.

THE JOURNAL | FIONA » My first days at school
Fiona reflects on starting preschool.

HERE & THERE » April–September 2012

Dustin’s stuffed animals
Dustin remembers the stuffed animals he had growing up.

OUR TIMES » London hosts the Summer Olympics
The United Kingdom hosts the XXX Olympiad. Or so we hear—we didn’t actually watch any of it.

BOOK REPORT » American prophet
By Dustin | Reviewing Richard Lyman Bushman’s “cultural biography” of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

WE BELIEVE IN CHRIST » ‘The worth of souls is great in the sight of God’
By Dustin | All of us will be touched by bullying at some point in our lives. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are his hands in lifting up those affected by it.

Dustin’s priesthood line of authority
Like all priesthood holders, Dustin can trace his priesthood authority to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

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