Memories with Fiona’s friends (of the stuffed sort)

Peace with Peter Once, when Fiona was about two, she was having a meltdown and was so angry at Mama that she wouldn’t speak to her. So Mama picked up Peter (from The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats) and started talking to Fiona about what was bothering her. Fiona sat in Mama’s lap for a few minutes having a conversation with Peter. It really … Continue reading Memories with Fiona’s friends (of the stuffed sort)

Metro-North: Mission accomplished

Originally posted on Dustin Tyler Joyce:
This past Saturday, 6 June, my daughter and I had our latest train adventure. Our destination: Waterbury, Connecticut, the northern terminus of Metro-North’s Waterbury Branch, the longest and easternmost of three branches off the New Haven Line. We boarded the New Haven Line train that leaves Grand Central at 10.02. After a brief stop at Harlem-125 St, this train runs express… Continue reading Metro-North: Mission accomplished