Or, Life in the Woods

After just a week in a cabin, I think I might like life in the woods even more than life in the city.

Fiona at Promised Land State Park
Fiona had a smile on her face for much of the time we were at Promised Land State Park.

This summer we went camping in a cabin. It was so great. We got to sleep in bunk beds in a little cabin, and our bathroom was in a house outside. In the morning, we would get up and walk to Grammy and Papa’s cabin and have breakfast with everyone: Grammy, Papa, Ellen, Karen, Bob, Michael, and Martin. Charlotte and Heather couldn’t come. We went exploring around the cabins, and near Grammy and Papa’s cabin we found some fish scales. They were really pretty and I put them in the pouch that Mama made for my magnifying glass. I also found out that there are some little heart-shaped leaves that you can eat and they taste kind of sour.

One day Mama was sick so she stayed in the cabin and the rest of us went to the lake. There were blueberry bushes there and we picked blueberries. When Mama was better, we went back to the lake and went swimming. I tried Charlotte’s mask and floated around on a purple floaty thing. But mostly I didn’t float, mostly I just fell out of the floaty thing over and over. One time the water was kind of deep and I let go of the floaty thing and I sank down with my eyes open. I tried to push off with my feet to get out but them Bob grabbed me. It was so fun and so silly!

We also had a birthday party for me. There were two cakes, one was vanilla and one was chocolate. We made tie-dye t-shirts and we had an egg race. I dropped my egg on the road so we started over. Maybe a raccoon ate the egg I dropped! We played some other games too. And we visited a giant eagle’s nest.

Even though we didn’t have very many toys, I really liked going to the lake. I liked our cozy little cabin and sometimes I wish we lived there instead of in New York City.

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