Colin and Dustin at the Roosevelt Island Tram, 27 June 2014.

Seven days in sunny June

I’m used to cozy clothes in cool weather. But warm weather has its benefits, too.

Colin and Dustin ride the tram from Roosevelt Island to Second Avenue on a partly cloudy day in June.

I can’t decide whether I like this new kind of weather I’ve been experiencing. I’m used to the cold, wearing cozy clothes, snuggling, and all that. That’s the way it’s been all my life. But lately things seem to be changing. It’s really hot, for starters. I haven’t even been wearing clothes to bed, which is much different than before, when I would wear fleece pajamas and Mama would wrap another piece of fleece around my middle before she swaddled me for the night. There’s this thing in the window that makes a lot of noise and it seems to cool the room off, but it’s just not the same.

When I go outside, Mama and Daddy put clothes on me, but they aren’t as cozy as they used to be. And sometimes they spread this gooey white stuff all over me. It’s not very much fun while they’re putting it on, but after that I don’t mind.

A little while ago, we went to a giant bathtub that was outside in the sun. Other people were already in it, and they seemed to be having a good time. Mama put a funny diaper on me, and then some shorts and a t-shirt to cover up a spot on my shoulder. And then we got in the water. Fiona definitely had fun right away. It took me a little longer to get used to. The water was kind of cold, but then I noticed it was really easy to splash while Mama and Daddy were holding me. Then again, most things are.

The title of this article is a not-so-subtle reference to the song of the same name by Jamiroquai.

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