A note to our readers

Dear reader,

You may have noticed an unusual flurry of posts to Dialann.org in recent weeks. And you may have noticed that many of those “new” posts actually seem to be rather old. And you would be right.

Over the years, time constraints, as well as the challenge of adapting pieces originally laid out in print for online publishing, have meant that not every article in the print edition of our magazine was posted to our website. Over the past several weeks we have been working to post articles that were previously left off the website.

Likewise, these same time constraints have caused us to fall behind on the print version of Dialann. We are working hard to catch up. It will take us a few months, and as we work on both the print and online versions simultaneously, you’ll continue to see “new” posts that may seem a bit outdated, alongside brand new material.

Thanks for your understanding and, more importantly, thanks for reading!


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