A reason to smile

Heath on the High Line, 22 September 2017
Underneath that pacifier is a smile revealing a full set of baby teeth. Hanging out on the High Line, 22 September 2017.

The smallest member of our family now has a mouth full of teeth!

Last Sunday evening, while Susan was conducting a workshop at a youth fireside in our stake, I decided to check on the status of Heath’s last three baby teeth, all of which were second molars. I hadn’t been too rushed to look for teeth since both of his older siblings’ second molars weren’t in until some time past their second birthdays: Fiona’s lower second molars didn’t come in until she was almost 2½, and none of Colin’s second molars came in until after his second birthday, though all four of his came in around the same time, and all by the time he was about 26 months old.

Heath's ToothTracker (updated 17 September 2017)
A completed ToothTracker — and a milestone passed — for Heath.

Heath’s second birthday just passed on 12 September. Surely those molars would just barely be starting to show, if at all?

I was a bit surprised when I saw three little teeth pretty much completely in place: both upper second molars as well as his lower right second molar. They must have been in for weeks at this point and I had no idea — I hadn’t suspected a thing.

But they are there, and our little guy has passed a milestone. And his ToothTracker is complete.

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