These are a few of my favorite things

My big sister, rubber duckies, toy trumpets, and nice bottles of milk — so much to love!

Little Man
Little man: From an excursion on Metro-North/NJ Transit to the end of the Pascack Valley Line in Spring Valley, New York, a favorite photo of Colin emerges.

Now that I can get around on my own — I keep hearing Mama and Daddy mention that I’m not really “crawling,” but it works for me — there are some things I go back to again and again.

My favorite person, of course, is Fiona. I wiggle myself over to her whenever I can. She can do so many cool things. A while ago, she taught me how to shake my head from side to side so I get dizzy. Whoo, so much fun! I could do that for five whole minutes without getting distracted.

We also have some little yellow ducks that I like to play with. They come in different sizes and some of them squeak. One of them has a spiky hat on, and that’s kind of interesting to chew on. They also float in the bathtub. Not that I’m really into baths.

Not long ago, I learned how to use the blue and red trumpet that Mama and Daddy had shown me so many times. I can make four different noises on it: blowing out or breathing in, on the end of it or the top of it. It’s so satisfying to make such a loud noise. I think I like loud noises.

Another thing I love is my bottle. There’s nothing like a nice bottle of milk when I’m done playing. Or while I’m playing. Or when I wake up. Or while I’m falling asleep. Mama and Daddy keep saying that I should fall asleep without a bottle, but why? Why would I want to do that when I could drink milk and fall asleep at the same time? It is a little uncomfortable when I drop the bottle and roll on top of it while I’m asleep, mostly because that causes all the milk to leak out all over and get me and my bed soggy. But it’s not a big problem, really. I think I’ll continue my bedtime bottle as long as possible.

This article had a sidebar: “Instagramming Colin’s first summer”.

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