Colin in dinosaur pajamas

Heeeeeeeere’s Colin!

Colin in dinosaur pajamasFrom: Susan Hibdon
To: Family members
Date: Tuesday, 13 May 2014, at 23.55

He is on his way to bed, but first he wanted to practice some screechy noises he’s been working on lately, while modeling his “new” dinosaur pajamas (they have been worn by Michael, Charlotte, and Fiona, I believe).

This kid is a giant. The other day, I was looking at some pictures of our trip to Louisiana that we went on when Fiona was 9 months old. In one of them, she was wearing some striped pajamas with a giraffe on them, and they fit her perfectly. A few days before I looked at those pictures, Colin had turned exactly 4 months old…and had already worn those same pajamas.

He has also become very interested in his feet (specifically, grabbing them), which I don’t think Fiona ever really cared about. When he wakes up, I just hear him cooing, and I go in and look at him and he’s just talking to his feet.

Fiona is an unstoppable ball of energy. She can’t seem to talk without jumping up and down, including at dinner time. So if we’re having a conversation with her, she constantly slides down from her chair and starts leaping around the room in between bites. Colin loves the entertainment. Tonight at dinner, he was sitting in his chair on our table, and Fiona was bopping around, and then she popped up and surprised him. He was astonished and delighted.

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