An early testimony of prayer

On Sunday, 1 June 2014, Fiona (almost) bore her testimony in sacrament meeting for the first time. On the bus on the way to church, she told me a story about what had happened the night before, when she had been trying to fall asleep in the loft bed without her pacifier (it’s about time to give up her “pacifizer,” as she calls it, so she was trying it out). Her story went like this:

“I was having a hard time sleeping without my pacifizer. I missed it so much. So I decided to pray and ask Heavenly Father to help me sleep. And I prayed and I still felt sad, but I fell asleep.”

I asked if she wanted to go up and bear her testimony, and she seemed to be okay with the idea of telling that story. But when she went up to the podium, she got a little nervous. So I held Fiona and repeated the story she had told.

This was a sidebar to the article “A squirrel named Dinky”.

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