Gratitude tree

Gratitude tree

Have you wanted to do the gratitude tree project [PDF] in the November 2013 issue of The Friend with your kids, but you didn’t want to cut up your magazine to use the leaf patterns? Our family thought the same thing—hey, there’s stuff on the back of those pages, too! And, unfortunately, the patterns spill over to the next page, meaning you couldn’t simply print out the PDF version from

Well, you’re in luck. I went to work and took the leaf patterns on those pages and created these two PDFs. One has the leaf patterns in color, the other has just black outlines. Feel free to download them and print them off to create your patterns.

Your copy of The Friend has been spared the scissors!

Gratitude tree: leaf pattern (color)


Gratitude tree: leaf patterns (black outlines)

Black outlines

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