The Constitution of the United States

The Constitution of the United States—by some measures, the world’s oldest active constitution—is a remarkable document. Even though it was written over 225 years ago, it still forms the basis for our nation’s vibrant democracy and has inspired countless others around the world. It secures our rights and freedoms and provides the framework for the messy and contentious yet peaceful exercise and transition of power in the United States.

The Constitution of the United States
Poster design

Yet the text itself is often treated like a museum piece, meant to be seen but not touched, viewed but not read, in force and yet out of reach. This beautiful print brings the words and meaning of this living document to life and within reach. Beautifully typeset in beautiful, modern type, this 24- by 36-inch poster—perfect for display in a home, office, or classroom—contains the complete text of the Constitution, including the original text, the Bill of Rights, and all other amendments, from the official transcript at the National Archives. Simple explanatory notes, such as the purpose of each article of the original constitution or the ratification dates of the amendments, guide the reader through the text, and italicized text and footnotes indicate how amendments altered and superseded previous text.

I had long wanted a display-worthy copy of the Constitution that, one, was not simply an unreadable facsimile of the document’s beautiful—though, to modern eyes, nearly illegible—original text and, two, contained the complete text, including all 27 amendments through 1992, not simply the original 1787 text. After searching in various shops, including at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., and the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, and finding nothing, I decided to create my own. I found the perfect opportunity to do so as I was waiting in the hospital with my wife for the birth of my first child. I pulled out my laptop and laid this out. (Yes, my wife was totally cool with it. Had to do something to fill the time.) So not only does this document have a lot of meaning for us as a nation, it will always be intertwined with an experience I will never forget.

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