Washington, D.C.

1 March 2008

Amtrak’s Acela Express 2251 pulled into Washington’s Union Station—where we went on our first date, at the Center Café in the Great Hall—at about 14.50 that afternoon. From the station we took Metro to Columbia Heights and walked to our apartment, N° 931 at Dorchester House, 2480 16th Street NW. We then caught Metrobus H4 from the west side of the square at Columbia Road and 16th and Harvard Streets NW. That took us to Tenleytown, where we hopped on the 30s Metrobuses on Wisconsin Avenue NW and rode to Friendship Heights. From there we walked to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 5460 Western Avenue—where we first met—for our reception.

Several of our friends and family members—Tania and Randy; Dustin’s supervisor, David, and his wife, Jillian; Karen and Bob; Susan’s roommates Lindsay and Megan; and Andrada—spent much of the day helping clean and decorate for the reception. We are still deeply grateful for all the work they did. Everything looked exquisite.

Our wedding cake was chocolate with cream-cheese frosting and milk- and dark-chocolate truffles. Dogs can’t eat chocolate, of course, so Dustin’s mother had purchased a white cupcake especially for Katie. A highlight of the evening came shortly after we cut our wedding cake, when Dustin got out the cupcake and a very anxious and excited Katie, tail wagging, put her front legs up on a chair to eat it. That first bite was a big one.

The second highlight of the evening came at the end of the reception, when everyone gathered in a big circle for a toast. Matthew B. offered a prepared toast, which was completely unexpected. We don’t remember verbatim what he said, but we’ll always remember the beauty of his words and of that setting with friends and family gathered round.


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