29 February 2008

We were married in the Manhattan New York Temple, of course, but we really considered all of New York City to be the backdrop for our wedding. With that kind of setting, there was an endless variety of places to take great photos, yet only so much time. And, with such cold weather, only so much patience and endurance that we—and Andrea, our “chief photographer”—could muster.

After taking photos on Broadway and in Central Park on a day when the high was only 35°F/1.7°C and the low was 17°F/−8.3°C—versus an average high and low of 44°F/6.7°C and 31°F/−0.6°C—we were about ready to call it quits. But there was one place we both knew we had to take some photos: the subway. The nearest place to take these photos was the station under Broadway right in front of the temple, 66 St-Lincoln Center. So down we went. Countless millions have stood, walked, and waited on that platform since it first opened in 1904, but for a few moments that afternoon we made it all our own.

Our wedding day at the temple ended the same way it began: on a subway train, this time downtown to Times Square. Those were really the first moments we had alone, together, as a married couple—shared, of course, with who knows how many fellow passengers on their own journeys to who knows where. But we knew, at least in part, where our journey was headed, and we knew that we would never again travel alone. It felt good.

The next morning, on Saturday, 1 March 2008, we checked out of the fabulous room 3903 at the Doubletree Guest Suites Times Square. We made our way, by subway, to Pennsylvania Station, where we boarded Amtrak train number 2251, the noon Acela Express. We were on our way back home—together—to Washington, D.C., to continue the celebration with our friends and family.


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