29 February 2008

Shortly after 11.00 on Friday, 29 February 2008, we were sealed husband and wife for time and eternity by Leeman Lloyd Perkins, temple sealer, in the Manhattan New York Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In sealing us, Brother Perkins spoke briefly about the significance of the Restoration—that Joseph Smith’s prophetic mission and the restoration of the sealing power enabled us to be there that day.

After our sealing, we held a luncheon for everyone who was in New York with us. The Manhattan New York Temple (with the Hong Kong China Temple) is currently one of just two temples in the Church that occupy only a portion—the upper floors—of the building they’re in. A meetinghouse and the Church’s New York public affairs office occupy the lower levels. We held the luncheon in a room at the northwest corner of the third floor that is often used as a Relief Society or Sunday school classroom. That meant that all our family and friends who had come to New York were able to join us within the walls of the temple.

We entered the room to spontaneous applause. Susan called on MaryAnn to offer a blessing on the food. Then we treated everyone to some of the best soups, salads, and sandwiches you’ll find, from Pret A Manger. After people had largely finished eating, Susan and Dustin walked around and gave everyone small individual jars of personalized M&Ms with our names and wedding date on them. We also gave each person or family a copy of New York New York, a book of photographs of New York City by Richard Berenholtz, with a personal note from us written inside the front cover.

Then, spontaneously, beginning with Scott and proceeding clockwise around the tables we had set up in a hollow square, everyone spoke about what we meant to them. Lunch, the book, and the M&Ms were our gifts to them; their words were their gift to us.





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