Updated New York City public schools calendar in Google Calendar

New York City public schools calendar
HTML | iCal
Calendar ID: pc7eavgk1lhq7cf7kju1a2kl6k@group.calendar.google.com

If you’re like me, you find it helpful to have the school calendar in Google Calendar (or whatever calendar app or software you use). The NYC Department of Education does not seem to offer a Google Calendar version of this year’s academic calendar, and when it has in the past it has been riddled with problems.

So we would like to share the school calendar that we created ourselves in Google Calendar. You can access it at the URLs above and add it to your own calendar in Google Calendar or your preferred scheduling app. School holidays, recesses, and conferences are all listed, and it is set to automatically give a notification one week and another notification one day before each event.

Please send us a message via email or Facebook if you find any errors or other changes that need to be made. We hope you find this useful, and good luck in the coming year!

4 thoughts on “Updated New York City public schools calendar in Google Calendar

    1. Yep, updated it for the coming school year! I hope you find it helpful. (Though I still can’t figure out why the NYC Department of Education doesn’t do this itself.)


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