Going to church in Tours

At church in Tours, France
At church with other LDS students from the University of Utah: Tyler, Laura, Andrew, Rachel, Dustin, and Audrey.

Being a group from the University of Utah, a number of students were Latter-day Saints. They filled me in on where and when church was and how to take the bus to get there. An email from my classmate Sarah instructed:

Church Meetings Sunday:

70 rue de Chinon

meet at the Place Jean Jaures at 9h15 to take the bus n°3 bound for Joués-Centre. the proper bus stop is found just on the other side of the Place opposite the Hotel de Ville along the Avenue de Grammont where stop many buses. get off the bus at the stop Jumeaux and you will be nearby.

the missionaries (elders) will be there so it will be easy. if you miss the bus, await the next, as Sacrament Meeting is last.

On Sundays, the local bus system, the Fil Bleu, offered a group ticket that allowed five of us to ride the bus for the price of one.

The local Tours Branch was friendly and welcoming. We noted that, though we were attending church in a different country, with a different language and culture, the Gospel Doctrine Sunday school teacher was just like every Gospel Doctrine teacher we had ever seen. For Mormons, some things are just the same no matter where you go.

This was a sidebar to the article “The best summer ever”.

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