Meet our family!

Susan, Dustin, and Fiona at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, 24 November 2011.
Susan, Dustin, and Fiona at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 24 November 2011.

Want to learn more about the people behind this website? Now you can! Introducing a new section of the site where you can meet:

  • Susan, who is a high-school teacher, a wife and mother, an amateur seamstress and wannabe gardener with big plans for making all the furniture and decor in our house, and a returned missionary.
  • Dustin, who loves cities, transit, politics, design, and current affairs. He has an incongruent propensity to keep up on pop culture. But most importantly he is husband to Susan and father to Fiona.
  • Fiona, who is 2¾ years old. She loves running around, laughing, cooking, riding the bus, riding her bike, going to the playground, riding carousels, pretending, reading books, going to school, playing with MetroCards, and going to church. But most of all she loves her mom and dad.

We also invite you to check out the introduction to our family, where you can learn more about what makes us tick, why we are grateful to have made our home in Washington, D.C., and now New York City, and what is unique about Susan and Dustin’s wedding date.


—Susan, Dustin, and Fiona

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