I ♥ nursery

I now have something to look forward to every Sunday when we go to church.

On Sundays, we go to church. I really like going to church because I get to sing songs, take the sacrament, see my friends, and go to nursery. I can’t remember how long I’ve been going to nursery, but it’s been a long time now—as long as I can remember, in fact. When I first started going, it was just me and my friend Elliott, and we would hang out with Elliott’s daddy and play with toys. Then someone else would come in and we would have a lesson about something like saying thank you or how Heavenly Father loves us. Then Elliott’s mama would come in and we would sing songs. It was all pretty fun.

Then, after we had been doing that for a while, some new kids started coming. One of them is my friend Graham, whom I love to play with. There’s also Kamiyah, who is pretty fun and comes every other week. Then there are Wilder and Theo, who are pretty little. And for a little while, there was a little boy who came, but I didn’t really like to play with him. He didn’t follow instructions and he cried a lot, and one time he pulled on my hair really hard. I had a hard time being friends with him, even though I tried sometimes. A few months ago, Elliott got old enough to start going to Primary instead of nursery, but luckily, now I have other friends to play with.

We also got a new teacher last summer. Her name is Paola. At first, I was nervous of her. I didn’t want to go to nursery for a few weeks, and Mama had to sit with me and comfort me in the next room. Then she helped me get used to Paola being my teacher, and I’m glad, because I found out I like Paola. She would bring us play dough and a parachute to play with, and read us books and sing with us, and give us yummy snacks and help us say prayers. I always had so much fun.

Then one day after sacrament meeting, Graham came over to me so that we could go to nursery, and I asked Mama where Paola was. Mama said, “Oh, Fiona, Paola moved. She doesn’t live here anymore.” I was so sad. I really loved going to nursery with Paola. But Mama says we will still get to see her this Saturday. Paola had a baby in her tummy, and she was having a party, so we got a present for the baby and went to the party. I was glad I got to see Paola again.

Now I have a new teacher, Sister Hughes. I was nervous of her at first, too. But I’ve started getting used to her.

Every week in nursery, we learn something new and usually we make something I can show Mama and Daddy. This week, we talked about the Book of Mormon, which Mama and Daddy and I read every night. In nursery, we talked about some of the things that happen in the Book of Mormon, like when Jesus Christ was born and when he blessed the children. We haven’t gotten to that part yet, but I think I’ll like it when we get there.

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This article appeared on pages 6–7 of Issue 10 | April 2013.

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